Frequently Asked Questions

BOL's Broadband solution is the always-open gateway to a new world of Internet-based services delivered at a lightning speed to the business organizations. Broadband opens up a new multimedia world in which all kinds of information (text, graphics, audio and video) can be delivered to a PC and other devices. 

What you will get using BOL's Broadband Internet:

  • High speed reliable Internet service
  • 'Round the clock' connection
  • Connect your entire office LAN
  • Dedicated bandwidth as per client requirement
  • Easy download and upload facilities
  • Free static IP addresses
  • 24x7 technical assistance center
  • Bandwidth monitoring graph 

100 meters (or 328 feet), with the fiber Terminal Joint (TJ) box anywhere within the 100 meters.

You can perform it automatically from the Antivirus Scheduler or Update it manually after every two/three days.

Install and update the latest Antivirus of any popular Vendor and Scan all drives in your PC. After that use Spyware/Adware removal software to remove further infections. If the problem still persists then contact with Vendor for further instructions. Sometimes it may require to format your PC and reinstall the OS. In that case as soon as you install the OS, you must install the Antivirus software at first and update it from online. Then Scan your all drives as well as backup files. After that you install other software (s) and restore Backup.